The IR remote does not work

Problem: The installation is completed but the IR remote does not work.

Product model: 4KEX70-H2

Solutions: To ensure proper IR connection for your device, follow these steps:

1. Check the connection

Refer to the Installation Instruction diagram to check if the IR connection method is correct. Make sure the connectors are fully inserted.

2. Reposition the emitter

Position the IR emitter head over the device’s IR receiver window, and adjust it if necessary for optimal signal strength.

3. Bypass the extender to check

Try controlling the device directly with your remote, without using the HDMI extender, to see if the IR connection is working.

4. Try direct point

Point your remote directly at the IR receiver head for better signal quality.

If the problem persists after these adjustments, please contact our professional support at Our support team would be happy to help!