The Right Setup for 2 Laptops w/Docking stations & 3 Monitors

I am in need of some expert help! I have two laptops that each have their own docking station and 3 monitors that do not have daisy chain option. I would like to switch between the two laptops and use the same monitor, keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive, etc.

I have been researching different KVM switches, but have to say, I’m in a little over my head. I’m not opposed to eliminating the docking stations if it makes it easier, but I do not have the funds to buy new monitors to make daisy chaining possible. I was looking at the iDock C20, but it only helps with 2 monitors and I need 3.

The one laptop is an hp and the other is a dell.


Hi, I see. Yes, C20 supports dual monitors and we’re planning to build a triple monitor version (take time for this). C20 is the closest fit. If you use C20, and you’re not always running the same system on 3 screens, I’m imagining how you can get the best out of your current setup, maybe you can cast your laptop (the one not switched to the KVM) to the third monitor, then you can work on both.

If you want to buy a KVM switch that supports daisy-chaining displays, remember to get a KVM that supports DisplayPort Out (with MST function).