Ultra Wide Resolution Not Available

Hello there!

Hoping I can get some assistance in resolving a resolution issue that I am experiencing with the HDMI/USB Extender(HDBaseT) KVM. When ONLY using my USB-C HDMI/USB hub, my mac laptop properly displays the correct resolution of 3440 x 1440. When using the aforementioned hub in conjunction with the AV Access Extender, I am seeing many options of resolutions including those that are higher than needed. Although, the option to set the resolution for 3440 x 1440 (21:9) is not available. Please see attached images and devices used. I confirmed through the instructions that all status/link/power lights are properly lit, all USB functionality works as intended.

Down/Up/Down: Mirrors the Display and does not provide the correct screen resolution or aspect ratio
Up/Up/Down: resolutions only native to the laptop retina display
Down/Down/Down: No image on screen. Although, when opening the lid the monitor is shown within Display Setting with the proper screen options, but no image is displayed on the monitor. If I attempt to mirror displays, the only option is to select ‘Mirror for built in retina display’ and there is still no image on the monitor.

Side Note:
I used an add-on app called EasyRes and still was not provided resolutions for 12:9.

The devices that I am using are as follows:
MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2019) - Monterey 12.6.1
iVANKY 12 in 2 Dual 4K@60Hz USB C Docking Station - https://a.co/d/3K9tjdw
Highwings 4K Short HDMI Cable 18Gbps - https://a.co/d/08AED96
LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide - Amazon.com

Any assistance with this would greatly be appreciated. This is exactly what I need to implement into our office and I am just stumped. Thank you in advance.

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Just giving this a bump, I’d love to get this working. @John @Cecilia do you have any suggestions that I may have missed?

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Welcome to the AV Access community. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your detailed information. I am not sure if this problem still bothers you. Looks like you have tried a lot to solve it. I am asking our tech support to look into this case today and hope we can find a way out.

We will get back to you later.

Hello,truly sorry for the trouble with you.Could you please try set up with a lower refresh rate in source.We have got a feedback from our another customer before that it is working with 3440×1440@50hz,but not 60hz.(EDID switch set with Down/Down/Down is EDID copy mode) .

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Thank you @Kevin. The 50hz allows for the screen to mirror! Unfortunately, when the screen is closed, the Mac laptop cannot wake from sleep. I have a USB keyboard and a Bluetooth trackpad, neither wake the laptop. It’s odd since the keyboard stays illuminated. Any suggestions?

Hello Bstey,that’s great.
For the wake up issues,we has tested in some different MAC laptops which have HDMI port and USB-A port or only have USB-C port,all is working.But note that some use the USB-C hub would be failed,which we tesed two different model:

Thanks again for the assistance @Kevin.

  • I tried with both my USB-C hubs (iVANKY & Targus Dock412-A), EDID D/D/D and was not able to wake my laptop.
  • With the EDID set to Down/Up/Down (incorrect resolution), the laptop DOES wakes without any issues.
  • I believe the laptop not recognizing the displlay when the lid is closed. With a USB keyboard directly attached to the hub and not over etho, thje laptop does not wake
  • Mac laptop stays awake for about 15 seconds when music is playing after the lid has been closed. In this case the display still went dark and eventually went to sleep.

I’m running out of ideas here. Thanks again.

Hello Benjamin,

Thanks for your update.
But truly sorry that so far we not have the Ultra wide resolution to test.
So we tested other display and following with your step that closed the lid and it is work,and will keep more test.

Thanks for your information. Good to know the extension works! Looks like you guys are discussing why the keyboard can’t wake the display when the PC lid is closed.

  • When I am reading the third point, it looks like without the extender, lid-closing itself would cut the connection between the laptop and the display.
  • I am curious about the second point - the laptop does wake when the EDID is set to D/U/D. Did you keep the lid closed then?

Anyway, really appreciate your feedback, we will talk to our test team and if we can we shall add the ultra-wide display to our test list.