USB devices not working for 4KEX100-KVM-H2

Issue: USB devices not working

Product model: 4KEX100-KVM-H2

Troubleshooting steps

1. Check the USB cable

Make sure that the USB-A to USB-B cable is properly connected from the source device to the KVM extender. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable to ensure a secure connection.

2. Check the DIP switch

Make sure the DIP switch is toggled in the right place. There are a transmitter(TX) and a receiver(RX) in the package.

  • If you are connecting your PC to the TX and extending USB to the RX end, you shall switch the TX’s DIP switch to “USB Host” and the RX’s DIP switch to “USB devices”;
  • If you are connecting USB devices to the TX end to control the host machine from the RX, you shall switch TX’s DIP switch to “USB devices” and RX’s to “USB Host”.

If the problem still persists, please feel free to contact our support at We’re happy to help.